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We have been told that movement is a dancer dancing, a car driving down the highway, and/or a boat sailing on the ocean.  This is true, but we ourselves are movement.  Yes our blood is always flowing through us, our breath is moving in and out, but our psychic matrix is constantly in flow.  Our emotions are constantly shifting inside us.  Our psychological process is constantly evolving.   Pain, and trauma and rejection are locked in zones inside of us.

In the Internal Landscapes method we get to explore this moving matrix.  We get an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves.  We embody these zones that are in constant shifting flux.   We find the locked zones and vibrate them into a new reality.  We find colors and images like a dreamscape to explore in our embodied journey.

Join our Internal Landscapes sessions for a one on one or many of our workshops across the US.   Many have healed from trauma, released blocks from years of hidden existence and found new found freedom in their everyday lives.  Artists and dancers have found new ways to connect with their source for a more powerful art expression.

Internal Landscapes by John Ollom MFA, the embodied practice for you.

Sessions can be booked in one of many locations in Manhattan.  Workshops can also be developed in areas across the United States. 

Please read about the Internal Landscapes© method in the Internal Landscapes book also available under MerchandiseFor information and to register for the workshop please go to contact me.

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“I live in the “holes” between narrative arches.”  On September 19, 2015, I met John Ollom in person at an Internal Landscapes© day-long workshop.   The stranger radiated uncommon energy without signaling danger—keep out.  Instead, his bodiliness magnetized the participants—certainly me.  I would later read his book where his whole being found expression in the first line of his Artist’s Statement (above).   This “body” moved boldly in the context of a Jungian archetypal framework, of wabi-sabi philosophy esteeming imperfection, of the embrace of Celtic naturalism, of the gritty anti-conventionalism of Nietzsche.  Back and forth between the cerebral arches and the bodily expressions, achieving a wholeness, holes for breathing (spirit), speaking (mouth), for hearing; hidden holes, holy--set apart--for functions to be cherished instead of being incarcerated in taboos.

The workshop ended.  Even the best end; and I’ve been to so very many over a life time.  I went home without his book, only memories of his personal talk with me after lunch.   His movement in the group (strength to build a new life) and his way of framing it (breaking out of crushing conventions) grew on me.  I ordered the book and read it.  He corresponded with me; a most welcomed surprise because I realize how busy he is compared to my relaxed retirement.   Never have I had such a giving relationship with a professional before.  His eye was not on the clock or the wallet but the power of what’s moving within me.

- Robert (Florida) 

"Working with John Ollom opened up new pathways to express long suppressed feelings.  I found myself exploring life in new ways, new forms, new expressions that unlocked years of doubt and guilt.  Instead of dependence and shame, I began to know freedom and expression of my own personal truth."

- Gary Collins, PHD Licensed Psychologist

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