This personalized session is developed in coordination with you. Sessions can be created using the Internal Landscapes© technique to increase your creativity, become connected to your emotions or tap into unknown creative potential in your art. Sessions can also develop particular skills for movement art or dance.  Release your fullest potential with a guided personal session. ​Experience Internal Landscapes© with the new Spirit of Color methodology!  Each person is unique and this workshop is developed with each person's individual needs with a focus on processes that takes achetypes, ideas, images, vibrations, colors and chakra energy into movement.  Journals or sketch books are encouraged. 

Please read about the Internal Landscapes© method in the Internal Landscapes book also available under Merchandise. For information and to register  please go to contact me.

 Privates -See special one hour Zoom classes below


"Working with John Ollom opened up new pathways to express long suppressed feelings.  I found myself exploring life in new ways, new forms, new expressions that unlocked years of doubt and guilt.  Instead of dependence and shame, I began to know freedom and expression of my own personal truth."

 Gary Collins, PHD Licensed Psychologist

"In October I had a private session with John Ollom in which I faced my self.  Whoa!

While fighting my own framework of conventional Christian tradition, I let go of its iron grip, its moralistic expectations.   John consistently encouraged me to get down into my body.

Through his inspiration I began to regard my body as a “garden” of fragrances and flowers and fruits and fun for self to share with others.   My garden produces food as it were.   

These new understandings are less than three months old, since I met John Ollom.  His movement art has been therapeutic in my emergence as a whole person, impervious to labels, disdainful of orthodoxies.     John’s work gets to the roots of our existence, to our gardens which can produce more than weeds or make even our weeds delicious and nutritious.  Though I am no longer young, I am ripening deliciously thanks to a much younger, brilliant gardener.  Thank you, John."

- Robert P.                 

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Numer of Privates
Photo: April Anderson

Internal Landscapes© and spirit of color Private SESSIONS

Custom designed to your needs
Movement Artist - Teacher - Choreographer - Artistic DirectoR - ART HEALER

John Ollom

SPECIAL: One hour personal session on Zoom with John Ollom for $30 per one hour session. ​

 Private or group sessions available at a location of mutual agreement:

Please contact me to request a time.

$110 for each 90 minute private class plus studio charge, if needed.

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