"This is art therapy on steroids."
- Brendan Rowe, Sexual Abuse Survivor and Activist 

"Working with John Ollom opened up new pathways to express long suppressed feelings.  I found myself exploring life in new ways, new forms, new expressions that unlocked years of doubt and guilt.  Instead of dependence and shame, I began to know freedom and expression of my own personal truth."

 - Gary Collins, PHD Licensed Psychologist

Upcoming Workshops, Classes & events


The Language of Emotion from John Ollom

John Ollom


Classes in ballet, jazz with the Ollom Floor Series© (for toning and flexibility) are taught regularly in New York City. Find out more in Classes 

Serving as faculty at all Ollom Art Programs in New York City and other workshops across the county. Find out more in Workshops.

Ballet Class (All Levels): Sundays & Fridays  2 - 3:30 PM 

The class that started it all. Since 2000, I've been helping students gain flexibility, balance, poise, strength and grace while learning the fundamentals of ballet.  See Ballet Class




Or if you want to see more recent creative works, browse the Ollom Art website.

Ongoing Classes

​​​​Starting  July 29th through Sept 27, 2019 Friday Ballet Classes only will be suspended. Sunday Classes will still continue all summer.
Join me for a Special Summer Series of Ollom Movement Classes and Reflections
July 29 - Sept 27, 2019 Fridays & Mondays from 2 - 3:30 PM in Inwood & Isham Parks

Featuring the Ollom Floor Series©,  this special class will focus on creativity in movement and will also be used for auditions for future work. Classes are priced at whatever you can afford.

If you feel you need more personal instruction.  Private sessions are available in New York at multiple studios  More information in Privates.

Weekly Jazz Class: Saturdays from 2 - 3:30 PM 

​Learn jazz movements, choreography and repertory in an energetic, creative & supporting environment.  See Jazz Class.

In 2003 , I co-founded Prismatic Productions, Inc. / Ollom Dance Theatre, where I have served as Artistic Director since it's inception. More Info at Ollom Art.

"One of the best teachers I have had. Your class was like an escape into a mental oasis."

 - Dawn Ma, Kathy Mata Ballet, San Francisco, CA

"A true original and visionary."

 - Charles Busch, Tony Award winning Playwright & Theatre Artist


I received my MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College and my BFA from TCU. More information can be found at About John.

Movement Artist - Teacher - Choreographer - Artistic DirectoR - ART HEALER