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I am looking for volunteers to participate in an anonymous special art project .

In a time where  we have a “president” who says he can “grab them by the pussy”. In NYC, the capital of capitalism, it grows with phallic competition. Men compete to see who has the bigger phallus.

I challenge this movement with man pussy art. Little boys are being  gender conditioned to stick their penises out and compete. What about our holes? What about our portals of shame, desire and vulnerability? Our holes are our true male vortex into our center. We fight self-imposed misogyny when we claim our “man pussy”.

I am looking for volunteers to record their stories about their man pussy and have some close up photography of their own hole. All work is anonymous and will not have any names or faces in the project. All male identified humans are welcome.  All stories are welcome.  All information is confidential.

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Available by appointment.

Mon - Sat 10am - 8pm

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John Ollom